Phoneless in Seattle


Today I was Phoneless in Seattle. Also Handbagless, Moneyless and – oh no! Lipstickless.

I’d walked to my car in the morning, and noticed a spider spinning her sticky web inside. In my frenzied attempt to remove the hitchhiker, I accidentally locked my phone, handbag and Nook in the car.

I saw my purse, keys, phone and Nook smiling at me through the window. Pretty much my whole life, sort of.

I didn’t have enough time to call AAA from my neighbor’s phone, so she drove me to work.

After a brief freak-out period, I sat back and sighed. Guess I might as well enjoy the ride.


Then I remembered: This is how life used was once upon a time.

So I enjoyed the exquisite, eerie echo of peace in my head, like a gentle rain in the desert after a summer storm.

No frantic checking – emails, texts, Fakebook (oh, I mean Facebook ;), and voicemail.

No popping online to look up this or that..

I enjoyed the sweet resounding silence of being Phoneless in Seattle. Truly, the day was a gift wrapped in the simple disguise of phonelessness.~


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