Basking in the Sunbeam of Grace


Writing at Starbucks the other day, pregnant raindrops slid down the window as I pounded my magenta computer keyboard. Then I noticed a man and woman out of the corner of my eye. His speech was slow and slurred, although he appeared to be in his early sixties. She kindly asked what he wanted to drink. Patience and love poured from every cell of her body as she removed her husband’s coat and carefully placed it on back of the chair. She smiled and said she would be right back, and he nodded. When she returned with his drink, the woman placed a straw in the cup so he could drink it. She sat and listened intently to each laborious word her husband spoke, as though he was her favorite movie star. For a moment time stood still, as I basked in the sunbeam of love. And then I realized, no matter what concerns I had when I walked in, I am truly blessed. And I will never be the same.~

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