9 Signs You’re a Tech Addict – and Why It Matters

img_1877-1I was at a shoe sale when God was passing out tech skills. (But no worries; I’m sure the shoes were amazing!) Nevertheless, I know many of us are on our devices way too much.

“You’re on that thing again?!” your spouse or friend says. Oops.

Tech addiction will rob your relationships faster than you can say, “I’m a phone addict.” (I snuck that phrase in there, didn’t I?)

9 Signs You’re a Tech Addict 

  1. You’ve got the checking disease. You spend a significant amount of time checking emails, texts, web sites and social media.
  2. You find yourself thinking, I wish this conversation/meeting would end so I can check my phone.
  3. Your spouse, friends, or children complain about the amount of time you spend on your beloved device.
  4. You. Freak. Out… when you can’t locate your beloved.
  5. You can’t wait to see who commented or “liked” your Facebook (dare I say Facebook?) post.
  6. You feel hurt when people don’t comment or “like” your brilliant or funny or amazing post. Really/! Don’t these people know how cool that post is? 😉
  7. Your tech time steals time from your work.
  8. You are justifying why you spend so much time online. Even though it’s important to stay in the loop, truly how important is it?
  9. You spend more time now than you did a few months ago online. Be honest.


Why Does This Matter?

Any addiction – even the socially acceptable ones like workaholism and exercise addiction – rob your relationships. If you’re more dedicated to your device than your relationships, they will suffer.

Would you plant weeds in your garden? If you’re spending more time online than you are with those you truly care about, the relationships will implode.


So the more important question is:

What do you truly value? Is it your relationships, your career, your house, your golf clubs, car, or your beloved device?

Because deep in your soul you’ve always known you were created

for so much more than having your eyes glued to your device.


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