Compare and Despair

As humans, it’s easy to get on the stinkin’ thinkin’ channel of our brains. Self-pity sneaks in like a dark shadow of despair. 
Comparing ourselves to others eclipses the radiance of God’s love sparkling inside us. We compare and we despair. 


Sometimes we focus on what we believe others to have. Maybe it’s their financial success, their relational success, or perhaps their appearance. 

Yet appearances are deceiving. The woman who looks great may throw up 23 times a day due to an eating disorder. The person who you compare yourself with financially may have a spouse that is married to their career. 
We can hop on the self-pity channel by comparing and despairing. Self-pity parties of one can be changed to beauty and grace by focusing on gratitude. 
Did you eat breakfast today? The majority of the world doesn’t have that luxury. Do you wear shoes? Many would cry a river of joy to own a pair. 

When we choose to compare, we -knowingly or unknowingly – choose to lose ourselves in the shadow of darkness. 
Thankfully, we can stop comparing and embrace gratitude. Let’s choose well.~


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