Swimming in the Sea of What-Ifs

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You swim against the current, grasping for air as you turn your head to scan the horizon. Dizzy and out of breath, you feel the ebb and flow of the water spraying against your limbs.

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Lake Diablo, WA

You’ve summersaulted your way into oblivion many times before, spiraling against the current, knowing not when the tides of life will slow into a stream of serenity.


The sharks in the Sea of What-Ifs swirl around you, encroaching into the small space surrounding you.

Oh. No. What will you do? What’s next, and later, and far into the glimmer of the future?


Hold. On.


All the sharks in the Sea of What-Ifs are toys.

Plastic teeth line their mouths, and you can dent their tiny bellies with your thumb.

man at sunset nice

So relax. Smile. Surf’s up –  in a good way. God’s got this.

Climb into your kayak, paddle into the wind, and breathe in the

Salty streams of this sandy summer day.

And no matter what – stay out of the Sea of What-Ifs.~


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