There’s More to Life than Chasing Skinny! 3 Short Minutes to Change a Life


I feel freedom in the air as we approach this July 4th. Gratitude beyond words grips my soul as I think of the sacrifices men and women made so you and I can live free.

I’m sure you or someone you know receives regular attacks from the Body Image Bandit. By the age of 17, Americans have watched over 250,000 ads. Most of the ads shout, “Thin is beautiful, and beauty is almost everything.” This is why I am committed to helping women recapture their true callings. There’s more to life than chasing Skinny. Readers of Tooshie will experience glorious freedom through the book. It is a collage of humor, faith, stories and the psychology of food and body image.

Here is a short video – only 3 minutes – that explains the core of what freedom from the Body Image Bandit looks like. I recorded it with the vision of setting the captives free. I hope you enjoy it. If you don’t have body image issues, consider sharing with someone who does.

After all – there’s more to life than chasing Skinny!



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