“R” is for Resentment

About a year ago, I attended a meeting in which the topic was resentment. I thought, “Oh I’m so glad I don’t have resentment toward anyone.” A lovely, fun woman next to me said she used to think she had no resentment toward anyone.

Many others shared, and I deeply searched my heart. Then I felt God gently convict me about someone I resented. I was surprised about this, although I don’t remember who the resentment was toward.

“Resentment is like taking poison and expecting someone else to die, “ another person shared.


Now I think about this periodically and dig deep into the trenches of my heart to specifically look for the big R – Resentment.

Unless you’re wearing water walking shoes, you most likely have a bit or a heap of resentment toward someone. Perhaps more than one person.

What if you had the courage to peer deep inside your heart and inspect the murky water for lurking resentment? If you embrace the task, you are a brave soul waiting for the beauty of your next chapter.


If not, that’s ok. Just ask God for courage, and His faithfulness will help you free yourself from the twisted resentment that holds you back.

And then you will paddle through life more effortlessly, feeling the sun warm your soul and the wind caressing your hair as you whisper your gratitude into the blue sky.

Do you have the courage to dig deeply into the trenches, to invite God to convict you? This will set you as free as a wild horse on a rolling green meadow on a crisp, sunny day.

“Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.” ~Psalm 51:10


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