What Lies do you Believe about Yourself? 

What Lies Do You Believe about Yourself?

Being human carries a risk that at different times we are susceptible to believe lies about ourselves. Satan is the father of lies, and he has a basket of lies for each of us. He knows how to “sell” us the basket that fits our life stories and personalities. 

Maybe your lie is that God won’t truly meet your needs. 

Or that you are less than others because you don’t have a college degree. 

Perhaps you believe the lie that you aren’t beautiful because of your weight.

The baskets of lies in Satan’s dark, shadowy castle are endless. Just know that they are lies, and that they are like the fluffy, seeded dandelions that blow in the wind. They can take root in your heart until a garden of weeds infiltrates your soul. 


Or – if you fight each lie with the Word of God, you can kick those tarry sticky untruths out of your life. It takes work and persistence, but ask God to help you and He will. Use a Bible concordance, and look in the back to find the lie that fits your heart like a tailor made suit. 

You have choices, and you matter more than you can begin to believe.~


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