Sacrificing the Treasure

Sometimes I sit in my sunny yellow room with my feet resting on the white wicker ottoman. I better hurry and get on with my day.  Sunlight sweeps over me as my Bible rests on my lap and I let God’s words saturate my soul. The precious time I spend reading, studying, and praying provide me with a kaleidoscope of beauty and power. No matter where my heart was before my morning date with Jesus, a sweetness of peace envelops my heart like a leaf covered with light, fluffy snow.

I’m ashamed to admit that although I grasp the glorious power of these times, my wild heart often says, hurry up and get on with the rest of your day!  Such irony. The most important part of my day I am willing to sacrifice for other, more earthly activities. Like most people, I have a long to-do list. But I remember a professor at Multnomah Seminary saying, “You have time for what’s important.” Thank you, Dr. Ron Frost. Your words have haunted, yet blessed me for sixteen years now.

I know the hustle bustle of our society wreaks havoc on me as I fight to keep my focus on what truly matters. By the grace of God, I usually catch myself in the thought process of sacrificing the treasure.  Very rarely am I willing to trade my time hanging out with Jesus for something more temporal. And for those times, thankfully, grace abounds. True, rich, glorious grace.


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  1. To stay focused…to rein in thoughts…a continual challenge in this life, Cherrie.


    1. I totally agree, Connie. Keep writing, Cherrie


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