Need a Reboot? Read Crazy Love

I recently read a book that challenged my heart greatly.  Although the information wasn’t new, Francis Chan’s Crazy Love created a deep stirring in my soul.  It’s no wonder that hundreds of readers have dramatically changed their lives after reading the book.  The first time I heard of Chan’s book, a friend mentioned she was attending a Crazy Love Bible study.  The book spoke volumes to her and inspired her to wholeheartedly live  for Christ.  Although she had been involved in many ministries, Chan’s book re-booted her love and devotion to Christ.  Crazy Love reminded her that she was created to glorify God with every breath of her life. 

I read the book and was rebooted and challenged.  While I know that Jesus encouraged giving to the poor, I was quite moved that Chan sold his home and dramatically downsized.  He is convinced that much of what Jesus taught is not often lived out by churches and individuals.  For example, the large, luxurious homes that some Americans have are not at all the way Jesus wanted his followers to live.  The American, move-up mentality of buying more and better was not at all Jesus’ heart.  He was sold out to helping the needy, the underprivileged, and the lost.  While I’ve known this for years, to witness a believer downsize in the name of Christ (and hundreds of others have done this as well as other radical giving of their time, money, and talents) was new for me.

Over 75% of the world lives on less than two dollars a day while many Americans bask in luxury.  Even if you don’t consider yourself wealthy, compared to the other 75%, you probably are.  Jesus would have been – and in fact is –  heartbroken that many of us live high on the hog while most scratch out an existence.  If the church and individuals would step in and meet the challenge, we could radically transform lives.  I’ve pondered this a lot since I’ve read the book, and feel like I am able to see my life with fresh eyes.  Not only that, but it has helped me to see scripture with a new heart.  Thanks, Francis Chan, for the reboot.

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